Asa Bantan is fed up of Liat

Once again Asa Bantan has proven why he is the Bouyon king. He captures the real essence of this genre of Dominican music by using it to tell a story that we can all relate to. This time the story is on Liat, the famous, or (depending on your experience) notorious airline that operates within the Eastern Caribbean, well known for their irregular flight patterns, inconsistent arrival and departures, and misdirected luggage. I guess then, it is of no surprise that Asa has joined the extremely long list of people who are fed up of Liat.

It was just last month that an open letter to Liat written by disgruntled  British passenger  Arthur Hicks, went viral after being posted on Sir Richard Branson’s blog. Branson being the founder and chairman of Virgin Atlantic Airways was no stranger to such letters but being the smart businessman that he his, he made sure to personally call and not just apologize but also thank the customer for his letter.  Mr Branson quotes:

” It is important to take customer feedback on board in order to improve – and also to be able to laugh at yourself

but no one taught Liat these values, so instead they had to go and do a silly video in reply to a clearly dissatisfied customer. just a few weeks after this fiasco the airline once again showed us how incompetent they are when they left an 8-year-old child at an airport all alone.

I mean us islanders really appreciate Liat because they are all that we have (and this me be the problem – lack of competition) but they really have to do better than that or we will have to start back using steamships to travel like in the past. I wonder if the lady with the big hair will reply to Asa Banton with a video? Look Zahfeh! We will have to wait and see…anyway listen to the track…i posted the lines of my favourite part below.

*Look another flight delay while i heading to D/A

*How my bag reach in Trini and I stopping in Vincy?

*Fed up of L.I.A.T like Haitians fed up of Haiti




Zahfeh has learnt that a ball of fire or balls of fire were seen falling into the sea off Kalinago Territory(formerly known as Carib Territory) more specifically the village of Salybia. Zahfeh learnt that this phenomenon occurred behind the popular tourist attraction – Barana Autê a model village that shows how Dominica‘s indigenous people, the Kalinagos, lived before.

At first persons who witnessed the incident reported it as a plane crash, but as no signs of a plane were found rumors of Alien spacecrafts and soucouyants have began to spread like wildfire among the already superstitious folk. If it is in fact an alien invasion that is taking place, one has to wonder why in the Kalinago territory? well for one the Kalinago were the first settlers here so i guess any new visitors would want to see them first. Also the Miss Caribbean world 2012, Nadira Lando is of Kalinago descent so all the reason more to land a spaceship there. The Kalinago also brew some of the best rum on island which happens to be a favourite drink among aliens. To top it off they also have fabulous art and handcrafted items that surely anyone would like to take back to their planet.

All these are just assumptions on my part as details are rather sketchy right now but Zahfeh promises to follow up on this exciting and strange news and will keep you updated. The pic above was sent to me by one of my top sources…seems legit to me…


No…Supermoon is not the title of a new superhero movie where the moon saves the world from disaster. Rather it’s the term used to describe the rare occurrence of the moon being slightly closer to Earth in its orbit than on average. As a result the moon will appear as much as 14% bigger and 30% than usual.

People often associate strange happenings with the moon and as a matter of fact the word “lunacy,” meaning “insanity,” comes from the Latin word for Moon. However studies show that there is no correlation between the phase of the Moon and the incidence of crime, sickness, or human acting strangely.

Of course don’t tell that to the old folks as we’ve often been told while growing up in our rather superstitious Caribbean homes, that we shouldn’t pierce our ears when the moon is rising or they would swell to a large lump and that if we cut our hair or planted seeds just before a full moon, growth would occur at a much faster rate.

The moon does have a gravitational pull on the earth and this is in fact the reason for the rise and fall of the ocean’s tides but the supermoon or Perigree full moon as called by astronomers and scientists, will not cause the world to end. In most places lunar gravity at perigree pulls tide waters only a few centimeters (an inch or so) higher than usual so you people can relax and get out your binoculars and telescopes and of course your naked eyes to enjoy the view on Saturday at 3.35pm GMT, 11.35am EDT when the phenomenon begins.

The best time to look is when the Moon is near the horizon.  For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging Moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects. However if any loud howling is heard please run inside and lock your doors and windows because werewolves are real!

What are your beliefs about the moon? Where will you be and what will you be doing during the full moon? Feel free to share. Also feel free to send me pics of the moon from your part of the world to


Forget bending it like Beckham….how about curving it like Cissé? Papiss Demba Cissé, the Senegalese born striker who plays for Newcastle United, practically blew everyone away with the amazing second goal that he scored to help his team beat Chelsea 2-0 last night in the Barclays Premier League game.

Now Zahfeh is by no means a Newcastle fan but does not deny the existence of a great goal when he/she sees one-and this was indeed splendid! A large throw-in from teammate Ryan Taylor was chested in Cissé’s direction by Shola Ameobi. Cissé then kicked the ball with the outside of his right boot from a tight angle, launching the half-volley out from 25 yards, starting out wide left and ending in the top right corner of the net.

Chelsea fans remained extremely quiet on Facebook, Twitter and various other social networks and I am yet to hear from them today. I guess they are feeling very “blue”.


There are a lot of activities to look forward to in Dominica and the various village feasts and festivals that take place are some of the big contenders. Occurring annually, these events are as diverse and unique as the various villages and people that host them. It’s a time when the whole community comes together as one to eat, drink and have a good time-and of course everyone on the island is invited to have a piece of the action!

The event closest around the corner and commencing this weekend, (May 4th to 7th) is none other than Pork Fest, organized by the BaFonPointe Development Committee being held at the Bagatelle playing field.BaFonPointe is a very long word for Bagatelle, Fond St. Jean and Pointe Carib; these are all wonderful villages (or hamlets if you may) located on the South-Eastern part of Dominica where the air is refreshing, the women extremely beautiful and the people warm, welcoming and friendly.

As the name implies, Pork Fest is a culinary festival of pork with the meat being prepared in all sorts of methods imaginable and in some ways that you perhaps never thought possible. Get ready for your taste buds to be pleasantly surprised. There are a number of stalls available to patronize-each having their own unique pork dishes, along with side orders and drinks to choose from.

Generally new to the scene of village festivals, Pork Fest is only on its fifth year but every year it is getting bigger and better and is surely not an event to miss out on-especially for the food enthusiasts.

Last year I attended and was very impressed by the abundance of food, quality of music, and the inclusion of an art exhibition at the festival – it brought some ambiance to the atmosphere, and for a second i imagined that I was at some art museum in Paris or Rome…until I was awakened by a drunken man who was pointing at one of the paintings and giggled while throwing back a glass of rum.

So…now that you know all about Pork Fest…are you going to be there? Look out for Zahfeh…I will be at the spot with some ribs and fries in one hand, a beer in the other and a big grin on my face.

Dominica featured on Wheel of Fortune!

Wow! An Eco-friendly trip to the Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica, courtesy of Green Earth Travel (worth $7,562) was one of the prizes offered on the popular Wheel of Fortune game show last night.

To others this might not sound significant, but the Commonwealth of Dominica, too often confused with the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic, is a very small dot on the world”s map and deserves as much publicity as it can possibly get.

The island has so much to offer in terms of tourism and natural resources and I am sure that any Dominican watching the show was pleasantly surprised upon hearing their country’s name being mentioned Internationally.

Wheel of Fortune is doing its annual ‘”Going Green” week  in Portland form April 30th to May 4th, 2012 sot he grand prizes featured are therefore Eco-friendly cars, gift packages of Eco-friendly products and trips to Eco-friendly destinations such as Dominica which is commonly known as the “Nature Isle”.

The specific episode in which Dominica was featured is #5622 aired on May 1, 2012. Zahfeh is currently looking for any video featuring this show and will post the link as soon as it becomes available.

Miss Dominica to particpate in The 2012 Miss Caribbean World Pageant


Miss Nadira Lando who was crowned queen at the Miss Dominca 2012 carnival pageant in February will be representing her country at The 2012 Miss Caribbean World Pageant in Tortola, U.S.V.I. The interview segment of the show takes place on Wednesday, May 3, while the second segment is on Saturday, May 5.

The 19 year old achieved a milestone for her people by being the first person of Kalinago descent to win the title of Miss Dominica.

Lando’s team which comprises of a former Carnival Queen Nakita Bruno, Is preparing to leave the island on Tuesday and is confident in her ability to capture a crown again.