Dominica featured on Wheel of Fortune!

Wow! An Eco-friendly trip to the Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica, courtesy of Green Earth Travel (worth $7,562) was one of the prizes offered on the popular Wheel of Fortune game show last night.

To others this might not sound significant, but the Commonwealth of Dominica, too often confused with the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic, is a very small dot on the world”s map and deserves as much publicity as it can possibly get.

The island has so much to offer in terms of tourism and natural resources and I am sure that any Dominican watching the show was pleasantly surprised upon hearing their country’s name being mentioned Internationally.

Wheel of Fortune is doing its annual ‘”Going Green” week  in Portland form April 30th to May 4th, 2012 sot he grand prizes featured are therefore Eco-friendly cars, gift packages of Eco-friendly products and trips to Eco-friendly destinations such as Dominica which is commonly known as the “Nature Isle”.

The specific episode in which Dominica was featured is #5622 aired on May 1, 2012. Zahfeh is currently looking for any video featuring this show and will post the link as soon as it becomes available.

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